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The Coin is the currency that we use in PtcShort to reward our users when they perform tasks or when they get commissions. Coins are redeemable for dollars, 1 coin equals $0.001
You can earn coins by solving shortener ads, performing tasks, earning referral commissions
You can have only 1 account, please do not create more than one account on our site.
1 Coin = $0.001
10 coins = $0.01
100 coins = $0.10
1000 coins = $1

You need at least 20 Coins ($ 0.02) to make a withdrawal, withdrawals are processed instantly through AirTm and Payeer, you can only make one withdrawal each day.
No, you are not allowed to use VPS. We expect you to use this website from your personal device, if you use VPS, your payout request will be rejected and your account will be suspended.
Both for the referrals you attract with your personal link and with the purchased referrals you get 25% (50% if you are VIP) of the earnings your referrals get by seeing shortened ads and doing tasks. Additionally you get 10% of the purchases made by your referrals
When buying referrals, your purchased referrals generate the same benefits as your other referrals. The purchased referrals do not expire and although we only sell referrals that have been active in the last 7 days or that have been registered in the last 7 days we do not guarantee that these referrals will be active in the future
The shorteners are sites that pay you for every 1,000 visits you receive in your shortened link, at ptcshort you can buy those visits for a lower price and make a profit, for example, if the shortener pays you $ 3 for 1,000 visits and ptcshort charges you $ 1.5 for sending you those 1,000 visits for which you earn $ 1.5 on your shortener's website.

At PtcShort we offer you a list of shortening sites that we recommend to use to sponsor in ptcshort
A shortener ad is a link that contains many ads, captchas, pop-ups and other types of ads, you must manage to solve the captchas and go to the end of the ad and get the coins offered. Some shorteners can be extremely difficult for some people to solve due to the high number of pop-ups and ads.